Question: Who was DECS first girlfriend?

In 2009, Dec started dating Sky Sports presenter Georgie Thompson, and the pair were together for two years before he called it quits.

Why did DEC and Georgie break up?

She was dumped by boyfriend Declan Donnelly after he told her he wasnt ready to settle down.

Is Georgie Thompson still with DEC?

DEC Donnelly has dumped his stunning girlfriend Georgie Thompson, telling her: “Sorry, Im just not ready to settle down.” The blonde Sky Sports presenter was last night said to be “devastated” over the break-up after two years together.

How tall is Georgie Thompson?

1.52 m Georgie Thompson/Height

What is Georgie Ainslie doing now?

The family, who live on the Isle of Wight, have been out in New Zealand since October as Ainslie, 44, leads his Ineos Team UK which is now contesting the Americas Cup challenger selection series final against the Luna Rossa team from Italy.

Who is Ben Ainslies wife?

Georgie Thompsonm. 2014 Ben Ainslie/Wife Ben Ainslies wife, Lady Ainslie, is better known as Georgie Thompson and is a successful and highly respected TV and radio presenter in the UK.

How old is Georgie Thompson?

43 years (September 25, 1977) Georgie Thompson/Age

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