Question: Is DNA match making possible?

Basically, yes, DNA-based dating does exist however, its no where near as extensive and legitimate as The Ones take on the concept. If you sift through the internet, there are many dating websites that claim to use genetics in order to match potential romantic partners, one example being, SingledOut.

Can people be genetically compatible?

With genetically highly compatible people we feel that rare sensation of perfect chemistry. This is the bodys receptive and welcoming response when immune systems harmonise and fit together. Genetic compatibility results in an increased likelihood of forming an enduring and successful relationship.

Can DNA be used to find love?

However, despite the fact that there are already dating companies that claim to utilise DNA testing, the technology just isnt there. Matthew Cobb at the University of Manchester, author of The Idea of the Brain, says it simply isnt possible to detect whether a couple will fall in love based purely on their DNA.

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