Question: What are guys usually insecure about?

“Men usually worry about their stomach or abs, just like women, but they can also have insecurities about being underweight,” therapist Katie Leikam says. “Men can be insecure about where they are in their career, based on their age,” Leikam explains.

What things are men insecure about?

15 Things That Guys Are Insecure About“My arms. “Previous boyfriends. “I have a friend whos extremely insecure even when hes dating casually, he likes a girl to have, like, almost no sexual history. “Skills in bed, and having sex with someone new for the first time.More items •18 Jul 2013

What are common male insecurities?

Here are 7 baseless, yet common insecurities for guys:Financial stability and responsibility. This fear is a big one with complexities on many levels. Career choice and progression. Body image. Intelligence. Personality. Handyman skills and superpowers. Sexual abilities.27 May 2020

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