Question: Are there dating app for people with herpes?

Positive Singles The website was launched in 2001, and it has since become a very prominent dating site for herpes dating. Today, members can simply download the app, create a profile for free, and meet people with herpes, HIV, HPV, and other STDs.

Is there a dating app for herpes? is one of the most successful dating sites specialized for people with herpes, STDs, and HIV.

Can you have herpes and never passed it to your partner?

It turns out you can have herpes without knowing it, even in a monogamous relationship. Thats because even if there are no noticeable symptoms like small red bumps, white blisters, pain, or itching, you can still spread the viral cells and unknowingly infect a partner.

Can you test negative for herpes and still be a carrier?

A negative test result is considered normal. This generally means that youve never contracted an HSV infection. However, its possible for your results to come back negative even if youve contracted the infection within the past few months.

Can I have herpes and my partner not?

It is definitely possible that you have genital herpes and that your partner does not. Only your partner knows for sure if he is telling the truth, but here are some scenarios in which he could be correct about not having herpes when you do.

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