Question: What are the challenges of romantic relationships in the workplace?

The long hours spent together in the office can lead some colleagues to start a romantic relationship. While the office may seem like a logical place to meet a mate, romance between colleagues leaves room for problems, including relationship-based tension, harassment and accusations of unfair treatment.

What are some of the problems that may arise from having a romantic relationship at work?

Workplace relationships: key problems for employerscomplaints of favouritism from co-workers;decreased morale of co-workers;bullying or unpleasant behaviour between employees;couples productivity decreasing; of sexual harassment.10 Feb 2017

How do you handle romantic relationships at work?

Here are our best tips.Check the Companys Office Relationship Policies.Be Very, Very Certain.Maintain Decorum and Professionalism.Avoid Dating Someone in a Higher or Lower Position.Save the Romance and PDA for Outside the Office.Address Relationship Issues After Work.Plan for the Worst.Consider Leaving the Company.

Why do workplace romances occur?

The main antecedent factors proposed to explain the formation of romances between two employees include their degree of physical and functional proximity to one another, repeated social interactions with one another, similarity of work- and nonwork-related attitudes, physiological arousal in one anothers presence,

What would your policy on workplace romances be and why?

Workplace romances are discouraged. If employees become involved, they cannot report to one another, cannot be of significantly different rank and cannot work in the same department. Couples must keep it professional and not act like a couple at work. This means no PDA and certainly no fighting.

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