Question: What did Lauren Pope call her baby?

Lauren Popes baby name meaning explained as she announces adorable newborn daughter is called Raine Anais. EXCLUSIVE: Lauren Pope has named her beautiful newborn daughter Raine Anais.

What is Lauren Popes baby name?

Raine Anais Keterman TOWIEs Lauren Pope has had a baby! The Only Way is Essex star Lauren Pope has welcomed her first baby with boyfriend Tony Keterman. The 37-year-old announced the happy news on Instagram and revealed she has chosen the name Raine Anais Keterman.

Did Lauren Pope have her baby?

Lauren announced on Tuesday that she had welcomed her first child with millionaire boyfriend Tony, a baby girl called Raine. Announcing the childs name and gender, Lauren penned alongside the snap: Our little lady has arrived!

Why did Lydia and Lee break up?

January 2019 marked the first time they split but then the duo decided to start again and planned a baby. When Lydia announced her baby news she revealed her split from Lee was something she wasnt expecting.

Are Tom and Lydia still together TOWIE?

The start of their fledgling romance was captured on camera on The Only Way is Essex, but now Lydia Bright and Tom Kilbeys relationship had quietly come to an end. According to numerous reports, the couple split up a few weeks ago, more than a year after they started dating.

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