Question: What is the longest Korean variety show?

On the August 15 episode of “Running Man,” the production staff proudly brought up the fact that after airing 564 episodes, the program had officially overtaken MBCs “Infinite Challenge” to become the longest-running Korean variety show.

What is the longest-running TV show in Korea?

With a myriad of variety programs on the air in South Korea, Running Man stands out as the longest-running show, after airing 564 episodes last 19 July.

What BTS music banned?

List of banned K-pop videos from KBS, SBS, and MBCSong TitleArtistBanned ByDopeBTSKBSOh NaNaK.A.R.D.KBSSee U LaterBlackpinkKBSMommaeJay ParkKBS36 more rows

Does BTS go to Music Bank?

However, the fact that the group never appeared on MBCs Show! Music Core draws attention as to its reasons. However, they didnt appeared on MBCs Show! Music Core, which airs every Saturday afternoon, on both February 29 and March 7, even after winning No.

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