Question: What is the best life hack you did till date?

Which life hack app is best?

Well, listed below are 7 life hack apps for people who want help doing stuff they need to do but just dont feel like doing.Dark Sky. Hello Fresh. MyFitnessPal. Evernote. Raiz. YNAB. Netflix.13 Sep 2018

What is a life hack example?

The term was later extended to life hack, in reference to a solution to a problem unrelated to computers that might occur in a programmers everyday life. Examples of these types of life hacks might include utilities to synchronize files, track tasks, remind oneself of events, or filter e-mail.

How do you hack YouTube subscribers?

How To Get Subscribers On YouTube (13 Easy Hacks)Run a giveaway.Brand your channel.Create a channel trailer.Make video thumbnails.Optimize video descriptions.Use branding watermarks.Publish longer videos.End with a call to action.More items •23 Oct 2020

Which app is best to download?

10 Best Android Download Manager Apps (2019)Download Accelerator Plus.Loader Droid.Download Manager for Android.Fast Download Manager.Download Manager.GetThemAll.Downloader & Private Browser.IDM Download Manager.More items

Why do they call it a hack?

It was at M.I.T. that “hack” first came to mean fussing with machines. That “[deprecated]” was a way of whistling past the graveyard, a self-conscious attempt to marginalize what later came to be called “black hat” hacking (malicious meddling), as opposed to “white hat” hacking (free-spirited creation).

What are home hacks?

24 Mind-Blowing Home HacksPut a brick or jar in your toilet tank. Rinse your air conditioning vent covers in the dishwasher. Keep salads cold with a shower cap. You can also use a shower cap as a travel dog bowl. Use your blow dryer to squeeze every last drop of ink out of a cartridge.More items

How do I get fake subscribers?

0:011:50How to fake the amount of YouTube Subscribers with Google Chrome!!YouTube

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