Question: Who played Kramers girlfriend?

Who played Kramers girlfriend Emily?

Sarah Silverman Emily is Kramers girlfriend in The Money. Like Estelle, she has jimmy legs that keep Kramer awake through the night. The problem is resolved by sleeping in the Costanzas twin beds. Emily is played by Sarah Silverman.

Who did Valerie Mahaffey play in Seinfeld?

Patrice FilmographyYearTitleRole1991CheersValerie Hill1991The Young RidersLottie1991Baby TalkTammy Morrison1991SeinfeldPatrice78 more rows

Who is Elaine Benes based on?

Susan McNabb Real-life inspiration According to Seinfelds biography (written by Jerry Oppenheimer), Elaine was based in part on Susan McNabb (who was dating Seinfeld when the character was created), though eventually named after friend and fellow comic Elayne Boosler.

Who played Cedric and Bob on Seinfeld?

He is always shown with his life partner, Cedric. Every appearance they make, they end up beating up or harassing, for some reason, Kramer. He and Cedric are revealed to be Puerto Rican. Bob is portrayed by Yul Vazquez.

Who was Patrice on Seinfeld?

Valerie Mahaffey The Truth is the 19th episode of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld. It is the second episode of the shows third season, first airing on September 25, 1991 .The Truth (Seinfeld)The TruthProduction code302Original air dateSeptember 25, 1991Guest appearancesValerie Mahaffey as Patrice Siobhan Fallon as Tina8 more rows

Did Valerie Mahaffey play on Seinfeld?

Valerie Mahaffey is an actress best-known for her roles in the films Seabiscuit, Sully and Jack and Jill. She played Patrice on Seinfeld.

The 20 Best Seinfeld Characters, Ranked In OrderJacopo “J.” Peterman. David Puddy. Jackie Chiles. Frank Costanza. Jerry Seinfeld. Elaine Benes. Cosmo Kramer. George Costanza.More items •11 Feb 2015

Why was Kramer not in the Chinese restaurant episode?

Cast. The Chinese Restaurant was the first episode that did not feature regular character Kramer (Michael Richards), Jerrys neighbor. David explained that the reason for Kramers absence was because—during Seinfelds early seasons—the character never left his apartment and did not go out with the other three.

What was Georges middle name on Seinfeld?

George Louis Costanza George Louis Costanza is a fictional character in the American television sitcom Seinfeld (1989–1998), played by Jason Alexander.

Who is the antagonist in Seinfeld?

Newman Newman is a recurring character and antagonist on the television show Seinfeld, portrayed by Wayne Knight from 1991 until the shows finale in 1998. He is Jerrys arch-nemesis and Kramers friend.

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