Question: Who dated John Morrison?

John Morrison dated fellow WWE star Melina. John Morrison and Melina made their WWE debut together back in 2005 as two-thirds of MNM alongside Joey Mercury.

Who is Franky Monet married to?

John Morrisonm. 2018 Taya Valkyrie/Spouse

Why does John Morrison called himself Johnny drip drip?

John Morrison has revealed how the Johnny Drip Drip character came from his attempts to annoy his wife, Franky Monet. Speaking to TV Insider, Morrison said: I was in a car with Franky, and I like to rap a little bit. When a song comes on, I change the words.

What is Taya Valkyries real name?

Kira Renee Forster Taya Valkyrie/Full name

Is Taya Valkyrie Hispanic?

The 35-year-old, who hails from Victoria, British Colombia, has enjoyed an upward trajectory in her recent career, and since September 2017 she has competed under the Impact Wrestling banner.

What nationality is Taya Valkyrie?

Canadian Taya Valkyrie/Nationality

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