Question: Is Tourettes more common in the UK?

What is Tourette Syndrome? Tourette Syndrome (TS) is an inherited neurological condition. It affects one school child in every hundred and is more common amongst boys. Over 300,000 children and adults are living with TS in the UK.

Is Tourettes more common in the US?

In the general population, 3 percent had Tourettes, and 20 percent had a tic disorder. The rate of 3 percent in the general population is about 50 to 75 times higher than typical estimates.

Who has the worst case of Tourettes in the UK?

Ryan Stevens When Ryan Stevens was just 15, his life changed forever. He developed tics, began having seizures known as tic attacks and at the age of 21, was diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome. Ryan is now considered to have one of the most severe cases in the UK.

Are tics in the UK?

Ticks are becoming much more common now across large parts of England, particularly in woodlands, along woodland edges, on heathland and moorland and in some grassland sites. Their numbers are increasing largely due to the increase in deer numbers.

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