Question: What is the Love Island success rate?

The show featured couples who met blindly and after ten days of chatting without ever seeing each other, decided if they wanted to get engaged. Now, over a year later, three of the final six couples are still together. 50 percent is a pretty high success rate for a first season.

Who is the most successful from Love Island?

Olivia Bowen 1. Olivia Bowen. Olivia takes the top spot. Olivia Bowen is the most successful ex-Islander.

Has any couple from Love Island stayed together?

Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen The couple who finished second to Nathan and Cara back in 2016 are the longest lasting Love Island romance to date.

Is there an age limit on Love Island?

LOVE Island bosses should consider bringing in a minimum age limit of 25 for contestants, Laura Anderson has said. The former villa star, 32, has argued the age restriction could avoid emotionally immature spats and inexperienced islanders giving each other bad advice.

Are Kem and amber from Love Island still together?

The couple found love on the matchmaking show, which they went on to win, in 2017. The final also had a lot of heartwarming moments, with the contestants vowing to love one another forever in a series of sweet declarations. Yet unfortunately they announced their split in December of the same year.

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