Question: How does LUXY Dating App work?

A basic Luxy account is free. You know the drill – swipe right if you like her, left if you dont, and if you both like each other a match is made. Nothing new there. But instead of mindless swiping sessions à la Tinder, Luxy only allows you to swipe through ten profiles per round.

Is LUXY a good dating app?

Luxy Review. Luxys method of screening potential users (and rigorously rejecting any photos that dont clearly show your face) has led to its user base being uniformly better looking than nearly every other dating app or site out there, both when it comes to men and women.

Do you have to be a millionaire to be on LUXY?

Luxy is a dating site designed for millionaire singles who want to find true love among like-minded people. Since it supposedly accepts wealthy members only, the site attracts people with potentially impure motivations.

Do you need to pay for LUXY?

You can customize your dating experience in Luxy by adding premium services to your account, but the basic messaging services are free to access. To get in touch with other singles and date, you may like their profile photos, send them a rose, or match with them in the Play section.

How do I get rid of LUXY app?

4 How to delete my account?From the Menu Bar, tap MoreTap Settings.Tap About Luxy.Tap Delete accountTap “Deactivate Account” or “Delete Account”Deactivating your account will hide your profile completely.More items

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