Question: Should I put my school in tinder?

Should I add my school on Tinder?

We always recommend adding your school to your Tinder profile, because it will attract the right kind of people. If youre someone who isnt interested in the high intellectual person, then you can simply skip over these people.

What does school mean on Tinder?

Once enabled, students with a . edu email address will be able to register with their school, then swipe on students who also attend their school or others nearby. Beyond limiting potential matches to other students, the overall Tinder experience is unchanged.

Should you put your college on your dating profile?

So when it comes to the question, “Should I disclose my education?” the answer is that, yes, you should disclose your education on your dating profile.

How do you make a school on tinder?

How To Sign Up For Tinder UOnce youre physically on the campus, log in to Tinder.Youll be prompted with an invitation to join Tinder U.Accept by tapping “Lets Do It.”Provide your . Access your school email account.Open the email from Tinder, and tap the “Verify” button.More items

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