Question: How does Saw You At Sinai work?

When two members both agree to a match, SawYouAtSinai forwards contact information so the singles can arrange a conversation and then plan a date. In addition, you are encouraged to form a relationship with the matchmaker so he/she can assist you through the dating process (when you desire and require input).

How much does Saw you at sinai cost?

Is SawYouAtSinai expensive or cheap?Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal1 Month18.95 USD / Month18.95 USD3 Months14.95 USD / Month44.85 USD6 Months10.95 USD / Month65.70 USDPlatinum Membership2 more rows

Is Saw you at sinai free?

Gold/Basic Benefits Nothing! SawYouAtSinai is totally FREE! Gold Members have matchmakers that search on their behalf directly.

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