Question: How do older boys flirt?

How do you tell if an older boy likes you?

How to Tell if an Older Guy Likes You1 He opens up to you.2 He shows genuine interest in your life.3 He makes an effort to spend time with you.4 He tries to help you out, however he can.5 He brags about what he has to offer.6 He texts you to check in with you.7 He asks about your relationship status.More items •Aug 27, 2021

Why does he flirt with me if hes not interested?

Sometimes guys will be friendly, funny, and charming with you and you take it as flirting and flirt with them. But, they dont feel a romantic connection. You just felt something strong and assumed they did too. If he isnt interested, then he likely didnt feel it, or at least not on the level you did.

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