Question: Where is Tagged most popular?

According to an in-depth review of the social networking patterns of almost 4 million unique active users in September and October 2011, Tagged found that Turkey was the most social country, with its users sending 173 friend requests per active user, far more than any other country.

Is Tagged still popular?

User demographics and site traffic. As of April 2011, Alexa rankings suggest the popularity of Tagged peaked in early 2009 and has been declining since. Each month Tagged is visited by 5.9 million American users and 18.6 million users worldwide.

What is the most Tagged location on Instagram?

Jakarta Now Instagram has revealed that Jakarta is the most tagged location on the apps popular Instagram Stories feature. Its the one-year anniversary of this 24-hours-only disappearing image tool premiering on the photo app.

What is the most instagrammed city in the world?

London, England Nope, its just London ringing in as the number one most Instagrammed city in the world. Last year, nearly 120 million London hashtags were posted to Instagram. As one of the most visited cities in the world, London also seems to be the most photogenic.

What does top locations mean on Instagram?

of your followers Top Locations – The locations of your followers based on City and Countries. Followers – The most active times of your followers, by hour of the day and days of the week.

What is the most Selfied spot in the world?

The most Instagrammed destination for 2019 is London, it has been revealed. The UK capital has pushed Paris into second place and New York into third. Berlin, meanwhile, is the most selfied location in the world, far outranking London, which previously held the title.

What is the most selfies place in the world?

Heres the full list of top global selfie spots:Burj Khalifa, Dubai (8,860)Big Ben, London (8,780)Empire State Building, New York (8,430)Sagrada Familia, Barcelona (4,970)Disneyland Paris (4,740)Colosseum, Rome (4,670)Top of the Rock, New York (4,290)London Bridge, London (3,820)More items

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