Question: Where do you live after a divorce in NC?

Who gets the house in a divorce North Carolina?

In North Carolina, the courts will divide property in a way that is equitable, or fair. The court will assume that dividing the marital property evenly, 50/50, is what is most fair. This is true unless the court determines that dividing the assets equally is not fair.

Can you live in the same house and be separated in NC?

A married couple cannot live in the same house if they want to be legally separated. North Carolina law refers to separation, but not to legal separation. When a person says that they want a legal separation, it is important to determine what the goal or need is, if any, beyond merely separating physically.

Is North Carolina a community property state for divorce?

Equitable Distribution in North Carolina North Carolina is not a community property state. Instead, judges will divide property according to the equitable distribution method, which means that the court will divide your property in a way that is fair to each spouse.

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