Question: Has anyone used Feeld?

Ive personally been using Feeld for about a year and a half and have had a lot of success. Feeld has a premium feature where you can hide from Facebook friends, see who has already liked you, and get a second chance to like a profile. The features are nice, but you can use the app without them completely for free.

Do people actually use Feeld?

I used Feeld daily for over six weeks, both as a free then a paid user. Collectively this meant hours of swiping, messaging, escalation and. . . well lets say the app was successful for me. Hundreds of swipes, over 40 conversations and several meetups later, I have a very good understanding of this app.

How many users does Feeld have?

As of August 1, 2016, it had had over 1.6M downloads on iOS and its users make 10 million connections a month. A major update to the interface was released December 2017. Feeld is developed by Feeld Ltd., a London-based startup company founded in 2014 by Bulgarian-born designer Dimo Trifonov.

How many likes do you get Feeld?

Likes are free. Likes are limited to 40 per 24hrs for non-Majestic members. Majestic members are able to like an unlimited number of profiles per day.

Can you search for someone on Feeld?

View profiles in Discover by swiping left and right to browse. If you like someone and would like to connect with them, press (♡) in the bottom lefthand corner.

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