Question: Does Lake Perris have full hookups?

The RV hook-up sites at Lake Perris have water, grey water, and electrical hook-ups. Unfortunately, there are no black-water sewer hook-ups, but a dump station located at the campground entrance. Tents: Tents are allowed in all of our RV hook-up sites! People: Each site can accommodate up to 8 people, of any age.

Is Lake Perris first come first serve?

Camping Reservations are needed on all summer weekends and holidays. On weekends, regular day use capacity (Approximately 3000 parking spaces) and 450 vessels has been full by 11 AM. Please arrive early for day use / boating on weekends as it is first come first served.

Do California state parks have RV hookups?

Seacliff State Beach is one of the most popular beachfront campgrounds in California. Home of the 435 foot S.S. Palo Alto, Seacliff State Beach campground offers RV campers (sorry, no tents) 26 full hookup sites and 37 non-hookup sites.

Is Perris Lake dirty?

Part of the answer lies in a nearby reservoir, Lake Perris, a popular plunge plagued by chronic pollution. The source of the contamination is not industrial dumping or sewage spills, but the kidneys and bowels of thousands of swimmers and bathers who have made Lake Perris something of a cesspool.

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