Question: Is Tiger Shroff hit or flop?

Which is the highest grossing film of Tiger Shroff?

Happy Birthday, Tiger Shroff: Check out the talented actors top-grossing films at the box office01/6​List of Tiger Shroffs top-grossing films at the box office. 02/6​War (Rs 292.71 crore) 03/6​Baaghi 2 (Rs 160.74 crore) 04/6​Baaghi (Rs 76.06 crore) 05/6​Student Of The Year 2 (Rs 65.70 crore)More items •2 Mar 2020

How much money does Tiger Shroff get?

Tiger Shroffs Net Worth 2021ProfessionActorNet Worth In Indian Rupees104 Crore INRPer Movie Income5 Crore +Monthly Income80 Lakh +yearly Income10 Crore+3 more rows•9 Aug 2021

Is Heropanti hit or flop?

He made his debut with Sajid Nadiadwalas Heropanti and now busy with upcoming sequal of his Hit film Baghi. A major WWE and UFC fan .Tiger Shroff All Movies Hit Flop Box Office Verdict.—1FilmHeropantiRELEASE DATE23-May-14NETT GROSS in cr.50.55VERDICTHit7 more columns

Is Baaghi 2 hit or flop?

The film grossed a total of ₹257 crore ($39.3 million) worldwide, including ₹2.11 billion (US$30 million) in India and ₹461.1 million overseas. The film was one of the highest-grossing Bollywood films of 2018.

Is soty 2 hit or flop?

Student of The Year 2 collected 12.56 Crore on the first day and 13.52 Crore on the second day .Student of The Year 2 Hit or Flop:Budget₹ 65 CroreDomestic Gross₹ 82.12 CrOverseas Collection₹ 15.89 CrWorldwide Gross₹ 98.16 CrFinal VerdictHit1 more row•23 May 2021

Is soty 1 hit or flop?

Semi HitFirst Week:43,07,00,000Third Week:4,06,00,000Fourth Week:1,68,50,000Fifth Week:11,50,000Sixth Week:1,00,0001 more row

Is Baaghi 1 flop or hit?

Box office The movie ultimately grossed ₹106.03 crore from India and ₹19.89 globally, for a total gross estimate of ₹125.92 crore, one of the highest-grossing films of Shroffs career.

Is soty hit or flop?

In the first week, the Movie collected 56.05 Crore in total. The Total Collection of the movie is 67.98 Crore .Student of The Year 2 Hit or Flop:Budget₹ 65 CroreWorldwide Gross₹ 98.16 CrFinal VerdictHit3 more rows•May 23, 2021

Is Munna Michael hit or flop?

50 Crores, and released on 3400 screens worldwide went on to earn Rs .Day wise breakup and worldwide Box Office Collection Report.DayEarning (In Crore rupee)Total Domestic Collection (Gross)45.68 CrTotal Overseas Collection (Gross)1.50 CrTotal Worldwide Collection (Gross)47.18 CrHit or Flop / VerdictAverage13 more rows

Is Marjaavaan hit or flop?

Marjaavaan Box office Collection, Marjaavaan Hit or Flop, Marjaavaan is a 2019 action romance movie by Milap Zaveri. The movie got mixed reviews from critics. Marjaavaan had not a good record at the box office, the film earned 47.78 Crores against the budget of 38 Crores.

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