Question: Why was Albury Wodonga chosen for the Whitlam Government?

Why was Albury established?

It is 554 kilometres (344 mi) from the state capital Sydney and 326 kilometres (203 mi) from the Victorian capital Melbourne. Said to be named after a village in England, Albury developed as a major transport link between New South Wales and Victoria and was proclaimed a city in 1946.

Is Albury Wodonga Regional?

Albury Wodonga is the 20th largest city in Australia and one of the nations largest single regional inland communities.

What is good about Albury?

Situated on the Murray River border of NSW and Victoria Albury sets itself apart as one of Australias greatest inland cities. Albury boasts affordable and quality housing, employment opportunities, first class education and health facilities, fine dining and an abundance of retail outlets to choose from.

What is there to do in Albury Wodonga today?

Top Attractions in AlburyAlbury Botanic Garden. 693. Noreuil Park. 189. Lake Hume. 312. Monument Hill War Memorial. 274. MAMA - Murray Art Museum Albury. Art Galleries • Art Museums. Wonga Wetlands. Nature & Wildlife Areas. Albury Visitor Information Centre. Visitor Centres. Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk.More items

What Aboriginal land is wodonga on?

The original inhabitants and traditional owners of the Murray River area near Albury and Wodonga are the Wiradjuri, Waveroo and Dhudhuroa people. Albury was a resettlement area in the 1970s and many Aboriginal people moved to the area at this time, particularly from western NSW.

What is there to do in Albury on a rainy day?

MAMA - Murray Art Museum Albury. Art Galleries • Art Museums.Albury Visitor Information Centre. Visitor Centres.Albury LibraryMuseum. Libraries. Lavington Library. Libraries.Myer Centrepoint. Shopping Malls.Star Cafe and Bar. Bars & Clubs. Star Hotel Albury. Bars & Clubs. Escape Room Albury.More items

What is the best suburb in Australia?

The Top 10 Most Liveable Suburbs In Australia Right NowManly, Queensland. No, not that Manly. Coogee, New South Wales. Carlton, Victoria. Norwood, South Australia. Mount Lawley, Western Australia. Graceville, Queensland. St Kilda, New South Wales. Marion, South Australia.More items •1 Oct 2015

What shops are in Corowa?

Local Supermarkets & Grocery Stores in Corowa NSWWoolworths. More info. 68 Sanger St, Corowa, NSW, 2646. Corowa Supa IGA. More info. Cnr Of River and Riesling Sts Cnr Riesling St, Corowa, NSW, 2646. Rutherglen I.G.A. More info. Howlong IGA. More info. IGA Plus Liquor. More info. IGA Supermarket Chiltern. More info.

What does Albury mean in Aboriginal?

Previously known as Bungambrawatha, or homeland, by the Wiradjuri people, the name of the region was later changed to Albury in 1838 when the Assistant Surveyor General decided that this new name would sound more familiar to the ears of European Settlers.

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