Question: Is Vox a good guitar brand?

Are phantom guitars good?

For the price, it is a good guitar. And, it is most likely a vast improvement in terms of playability, intonation, etc., over the original Vox instruments.

Are phantom guitars any good?

Being a hollowbody, the Phantom Teardrop is very resonant. The neck pickup has a woody fullness when played cleanly and gets nice and throaty when overdriven. In the middle position, clean, the Phantom offers Rickenbacker-worthy jangle, ringing and pleasantly bright.

Why is the boss Katana so good?

It plays nicely with pedals While the Katana has a great set of built-in effects, itll sound great with your pedals too. The combination of Boss Tube Logic design and an FX loop means youll still get an optimum response – whatever your chain preferences.

Where are phantom guitars made?

Phantom Guitarworks ® is located just 60 miles northwest of Portland, Oregon along the scenic Columbia River. All of our Phantom® guitar bodies are made of solid mahogany. Our necks are crafted out of some of the finest hard-rock maple found anywhere.

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