Question: Is it hard to date someone in a wheelchair?

There is no reason why you shouldnt date someone in a wheelchair. If you have good chemistry, give it a go. Be open and upfront about any concerns regarding his/her lifestyle. A person is more than a wheelchair—they are people with dreams, desires, feelings, and hopes!

How should you talk to someone in a wheelchair?

How Do You Interact With Someone In A Wheelchair?Treat Them Like You Would Anyone Else.Talk Directly With The Person.Include Everyone In A Group Conversation.Pay Attention To Your Environment.Avoid Making Assumptions.Respect Personal Boundaries.Dont Touch Their Wheelchair.Dont Place Any Objects On Their Wheelchair.More items

Do disabled people lose healthcare when they get married?

The term “marriage penalties” refers to a bundle of Social Security rules that trigger reductions or complete loss of benefits for otherwise eligible disabled people when they marry. In some cases it can result in a lower monthly check. In other cases, it can trigger loss of benefits entirely.

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