Question: Why is Wesker evil?

With superhuman strength, speed, intelligence, and a lust for power, Wesker is a cunning lethal foe who knows what he wants and has the brains to orchestrate covert operations for world domination. Had it not been for Redfield, Wesker would have transformed the planet into his sinister vision.

Why did Wesker betray stars?

Wesker ultimately chose to betray Umbrella and work with other groups to steal its research data, benefiting from a mutation brought on by a prototype virus that gave him superhuman powers.

Is Wesker a bad guy?

Albert Wesker is the main antagonist of the Resident Evil video game series. He is also the villainous main protagonist of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and a minor antagonist in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.

Why does Wesker have super powers?

investigation of Spencers mansion, where a zombie infection was taking place, Wesker injected himself with the Prototype Virus, which granted him superhuman abilities.

Who is the strongest resident evil character?

The 10 Most Powerful Bosses In The Resident Evil Games1 Jack Baker. Jack Baker is like the human form of the Tyrants - quite literally unstoppable and able to morph into grotesque versions of itself.2 Mendez. 3 T-078. 4 Mr. 5 The Nemesis. 6 Marguerite Baker. 7 Verdugo. 8 U-3. More items •Jul 28, 2021

What virus did Albert Wesker have?

the Uroboros Virus With the Uroboros Virus, Wesker would have a new organ on his chest and his upper body would become wrapped in various tentacles. Thanks to these viruses, Wesker would receive advanced genetics that made him more superior than most humans. His blood became immune to various viruses.

Who is the best Resident Evil Villain?

The Scariest Resident Evil Villains RankedMother Miranda.Alexia Ashford. Ramon Salazar. Queen Leech/James Marcus. Bitores Mendez. Lisa Trevor. Brian Irons. Oswell Spencer. More items •1 Jun 2021

Is Jake Weskers son?

Jake is Albert Weskers son. Hes described as a mysterious, jaded, battle-worn mercenary. He is being watched and/or protected by Sherry Birkin. He is immune to most viruses, an ability he recieved from his father.

Which Resident Evil is the hardest?

The single toughest boss in the Resident Evil canon is none other than Nemesis, upgraded to near undefeatable status in the newest version of the franchise, RE3.

Why does Ethan Winters heal so fast?

Resident Evil Village finally explains Ethans magnificent healing abilities. He actually died during the beginning of Resident Evil 7 and became infected with the Mold immediately. His high affinity with the Mold led to his impressive regeneration abilities.

Is Ethan immortal?

It turns out that the actual Ethan Winters died all the way back in Resident Evil 7, after succumbing to a punch and kick by Jack Baker. However, his exposure to the mold gave him incredible regenerative powers.

Why does umbrella want to destroy the world?

Its revealed that Weskers betrayal of the Umbrella Corporation is in fact a hoax. In reality, his intention is to draw the remainder of humanity into one place in order to destroy them.

Who is the most badass Resident Evil character?

Resident Evil: The 10 Best Characters In The Franchise, Ranked1 Leon Kennedy. As one of Resident Evils earliest characters, Leon has been through a lot.2 Albert Wesker. 3 Jill Valentine. 4 Chris Redfield. 5 Jack Baker. 6 Ada Wong. 7 Claire Redfield. 8 Ethan Winters. More items •7 Jun 2021

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