Question: Where is Graham Bunn now?

After retiring from the Bachelor franchise, Bunn hosted the 2018 USA reality series Real Country. He also hosts the “Country Shine” podcast and has been a country radio personality. He lives in Los Angeles.

What does Graham Bunn do for a living?

Entrepreneur Basketball playerTV Personality Graham Bunn/Professions

Do Graham and Michelle get together?

Michelle and Graham did get a pretty awesome second prize, though — they fell in love on Bachelor Pad, and even decided to make it work after the show ended. Unfortunately, distance was an issue, so the two eventually removed the romantic aspect and decided to just be super-BFFs.

Is Michelle and Cody still together from Bachelor in Paradise?

Another Bachelor couple bites the dust: Bachelor in Paradises Michelle Money and Cody Sattler have called it quits after six months of dating, they confirmed through social media.

How many couples are still married from the Bachelor or Bachelorette?

After 42 Seasons, Only 6 Bachelor And Bachelorette Couples Are Still Married. As long-time viewers know, not everyone who competes on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is there for the right reasons. (Watch out for your own Jed Wyatt this season, Katie Thurston.)

Are lace and Grant still together?

After splitting with Lace, Grant went on Bachelor in Paradise Australia and began dating Ali Oetjen. However, the two broke up after the show and Grant accused Ali of cheating. The aspiring singer is now living in Los Angeles and seems to be totally focused on getting his career in music off the ground.

When did Cody and Michelle Money break up?

Back in 2016, Us Weekly reported on the new couple: pro golfer Mike Weir and former Bachelor franchise star Michelle Money. Money left Bachelor in Paradise in a relationship with Cody Sattler after unsuccessful seasons on The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad in 2011.

Are any of the bachelor contestants still married?

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici remain the sole winning Bachelor couple to get married. Giudici gave birth to their third baby in December 2019.

Are Grant and Tayla still together 2020?

Grant and Tayla: SPLIT Shortly after they won the show, it was rumoured that Grant had been in a secret relationship the entire time he was in the villa. Despite denying the rumours, Grant got together with his rumoured secret girlfriend Lucy just two weeks after being dumped by Tayla and theyre still together now.

Is Michelle Money and Cody still together?

Mike Weir and Michelle Money found a happily ever after outside of reality television. Money left Bachelor in Paradise in a relationship with Cody Sattler after unsuccessful seasons on The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad in 2011. Shortly after Money and Sattler broke up, Money was linked with Weir in 2016.

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