Question: Are there dating groups for people with learning disabilities?

Luv2meetU is a friendship and dating agency for people with a learning disability and/or autism aged 18 and over. We support people to make friends, share interests and develop relationships.

Why is it hard for disabled people find love?

Finding a partner can be difficult for anyone, but for disabled people, there are extra barriers in place. Many believe the biggest barriers stem from societys often-skewed views of our capabilities and what it means to be disabled.

What is the learning disability?

A learning disability is a neurological condition which affects the brains ability to send, receive, and process information. A child with a learning disability may have difficulties in reading, writing, speaking, listening, understanding mathematical concepts, and with general comprehension.

What is a severe learning disability?

The term Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD), or Severe Learning Disorder, is applied to a child who finds it difficult to understand, learn and remember new skills and has trouble adapting their skills to daily life.

Can a bad relationship cause mental illness?

I think that certain unhealthy relationships, such as codependent relationships or relationships that involve domestic violence, can cause secondary mental health issues such as low self esteem, anxiety, and post traumatic stress disorder.” She also notes that unhealthy relationships are likely to increase stressors,

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