Question: Do you have to pay for Catholic match?

Is CatholicMatch free? Yes, signing up and browsing through is free, but you have to upgrade to premium to use messaging features.

How much is Catholic match?

Pricing for Each Membership LevelMembership TypeLengthCostPremium Membership1 month$29.99 per monthPremium Membership6 months$14.99 per monthPremium Membership12 months$9.99 per month

Can you message on Catholic match for free?

We know being single can be difficult when you desire to meet that special person, fall in love and get married. We also understand the unique challenges of meeting someone online.

How does Catholic Match work?

After you fill out your portrait, it is evaluated using a Likert scale. Then, using these results, a comparison is made between other members. Those who are compatible based on these results are then suggested to each other as matches.

Does Catholic match have a free trial?

How long is the Catholic Match free trial? While some sites offer a limited time free trial, Catholic Matchs is unlimited. When you get joined today, youll be able to take your time setting up your profile and looking through the features and potential matches.

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