Question: When did Boity and Cassper start dating?

Is Cassper dating Boity?

Boity and Cassper Nyovest have always been friendly towards each other despite breaking up in 2015. Boity is being praised on Twitter for her “maturity” after she congratulated Cassper Nyovest on his newborn son, Khotso. The two rappers dated and broke up in 2015 and have been friendly towards each other since.

Who has dated Boity?

Rapper and television personality Boity Thulo has apparently found love in the arms of actor Anton Jeftha. The couple have become the talk of the town after they have been spotted loved up on numerous occasions, the latest one being an intimate dinner at SUD Restaurant in Joburg this week.

Why did Cassper and Boity break up?

Their breakup appears to have been amicable, with the personalities stating that conflicting schedules was the reason for their breakup. In 2016, after their relationship ended, a video of Cassper allegedly cheating on Boity surfaced.

What is Cassper Nyovest real name?

Refiloe Maele Phoolo Cassper Nyovest/Full name

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