Question: What is it called when a mother is obsessed with her son?

In psychoanalytic theory, the Jocasta complex is the incestuous sexual desire of a mother towards her son.

Whats it called when a parent is obsessed with their child?

The obsession or focus a narcissistic parent has on a child often has to do with the parents own emotional needs. Narcissistic parents support childrens “greatness” and encourage their talents, with the excuse that they love their child and are sacrificing themselves for the childs future.

Do narcissists treat their children differently?

For instance, narcissistic parents are hyper-critical, but they need their children to feed their own ego. The way this manifests happens in two distinct ways. Its very typical to see narcissistic parents treat different siblings very differently — often one is the favoured child and one is the scapegoat.

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