Question: Which is the most expensive sector in Islamabad?

E-7: This sector is considered to be the most expensive sector in Islamabad. It is the home to many diplomats and foreign consulates.

Which is the best sector in Islamabad?

Sector I-8. Sector I-8, Islamabad, is another peaceful and upscale neighbourhood of the city. It is one of the most sought-after sectors of the Islamabad Capital Territory. The area has been recently developed as a fully-fledged commercial and business district.

What is the most expensive area in Islamabad?

E-7: Home to many diplomats and foreign consulates, the sector is considered Islamabads most expensive sector. F-6: According to our research, F-6 is the second most expensive sector in the town. The sector is also home to the citys most expensive markets, Kousar and Supermarket.

How many sectors are there in Islamabad?

Islamabad Capital Territory is divided into eight zones: Administrative Zone, Commercial District, Educational Sector, Industrial Sector, Diplomatic Enclave, Residential Areas, Rural Areas and Green Area.

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