Question: Is sex still good in your 30s?

How much sex is healthy in your 30s?

The point, according to Castleman, is that sex in your 30s can — and should — be a win/win for both of you. His recommended round number is roughly 20 minutes, which he says will allow time for quality foreplay, can help increase your ejaculatory control, and eventually lead to a satisfying, mutual orgasm.

Is it normal to lose interest in sex in your 30s?

It is also normal for libido to diminish with age. After the age of 30 male testosterone production begins to decline by about 1 to 2% a year; however, this decrease is so gradual that it does not usually become apparent until a man is in his 50s, or even older.

Do men lose interest in sex after 35?

The truth is, men at any age can experience a low libido, but as men get older and reach their 50s, they begin to undergo both physical and environmental changes that reduce energy, affect weight gain, or limit the desire for sex.

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