Question: Should I put dates on CV?

You must include resume dates to show the details of your experience. But— Dont worry that resume dates will give away your age or make you look overqualified (or underqualified). Add dates on resumes for jobs, education, internships, certifications, and memberships.

How do you list dates on a CV?

Including a date range for each job listed in the experience section of your resume is recommended to show employers how much experience you have in each role. You should include the starting month and year as well as the ending month and year. You do not need to be so specific as to include the day of the month.

Is 3 months enough to put on a resume?

Adding structure to your job search can be a key component to helping you succeed, especially when youve had short-term jobs. The company was called Shortstop Ltd. You worked there for only three months. If a job last at least 12 months, you should put it on your resume.

Can I leave job off my CV?

When deciding whether to include a job on your CV, the key questions to ask yourself are is this relevant to the job I want now? There is no obligation to include every detail of your life on a CV. Plus, you can remove a job from your CV if it enables you to sell yourself better to an employer.

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