Question: Where do most male nurses work?

In general, the majority of nursing professionals are employed by hospitals across the United States. According to the American Hospital Association, 62.2 percent of nurses work in hospital environments. Within hospitals, nursing staff are divided among every department from pediatrics to critical care unites.

Which country has the most male nurses?

What is striking from the data is the high number of male nurses in Saudi Arabia. At 32% it is far higher than elsewhere in the world. There is even a surpless of male nursing graduates, with thousands of graduates on waiting lists for nursing jobs.

How much does a RN make an hour?

How Much Do RN Jobs Pay per Hour?Annual SalaryHourly WageTop Earners$93,500$4575th Percentile$78,500$38Average$70,335$3425th Percentile$56,500$27

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