Question: Who is Johnny Bananas girlfriend on Johnny Bananas?

Is Morgan and Johnny Bananas still together?

Earlier this year, viewers were surprised that Johnny was not on The Challenge: Double Agents, but is not ready to retire from the series yet, even though Morgans time on the series is over. Johnny and Morgan have built a strong relationship since meeting on The Challenge.

Are Johnny Bananas and Natalie still together?

Bananas met the Big Brother winner in 2018 during War of the Worlds when she chose him as her partner on the show. After being sent home, the pair traveled the world together and have been dating ever since. “Today my Ride or Die… Forever my Valentine,” he wrote via Instagram in February 2021.

Do Frank and Jillian stay together?

They were still together when Jillian competed on Fresh Meat II (her third and final challenge), but appear to have broken up shortly after that. Frank now has a successful career in finance while Jillian is happily married.

Who has Nany from the Challenge slept with?

On the actual show, on camera — Nany has 3 hookups. One was with Marlon at the end of an episode on Rivals 2, a super drunk hookup with Reilly on Free Agents, and with Cohutta on Free Agents (who she ended up having a relationship with).

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